Does Outbound Marketing still Effective

It’s 2021 and still, people keep on asking if Outbound Marketing is still Effective. I’d say YES, Although the reality is It’s not easy.

Outbound Marketing can be learned by anyone you just have to know how to properly do it. Don’t worry if you feel that you’re not getting any results at the beginning, It’s part of the learning process. Remember this, All those Marketing experts out there they spend years trying to solve the puzzle. and they did it. So why wouldn’t you?

Today learning the art of Marketing, Especially Outbound Marketing is as easy as Pancakes, Just like everyone is saying. Why, Because you’ve got a bunch of tools out there that you can use, and it’s free.

Youtube, Google and Tweeter were some of the Platforms where you can learn Outbound Marketing straight from other people who share their experience. Ebooks and Podcast are also essentially free resources out there.

About a few months ago a Domain Consultant name Yogi Solanki Published an E-book titled Domain Outbound Marketing which you can find at This Ebook is packed with information on how to do Outbound Marketing the proper way. From sending your first Email, Engaging with your prospected buyer and doing follow up’s, It’s all in this Ebook.

This Ebook is more focus on selling Domain names but it is also highly applicable to almost all industry, You’ll just have to apply it to whatever you’re selling.

I purchase this E-book and was surprised on the amount this Value it provides, Straightaway after reading I implement it on some of my emails. It worked I got a couple of response and made a sale

But, as you know I’m not a fulltime Marketer and I’m a Procrastinator or let’s just say I’m a bit lazy so I only send emails when I want too. I highly suggest using the Email samples on this E-book as your Template, It’s very useful.


Outbound Marketing is still an effective and useful way for any business to succeed. It will not disappear and it will stay

How much to Transfer a Domain name

So you want to transfer your Domain name, Probably because you like you the service of that other registrar compare to what you currently using, or it’s your renewal period and you realize that if you transfer a Domain name it will actually save you money especially if you have a lot of Domain names to be renewed.

Whatever your reasons for transferring that Domain name let me give you an idea of how much will it cost you to transfer a Domain name, here are some price comparisons from the top 5 most commonly used Domain registrar.

  • .com USD10.88
  • .net USD12.99
  • .org USD14.88

  • .com USD8.99
  • .net 10.99
  • .org 10.99

  • .com USD8.58
  • .net 10.88
  • .org 11.48

  • .com USD8.17
  • .net USD11.17
  • .org USD12.17

  • .com USD6.99
  • .net USD9.54
  • .org USD9.99

All of these prices can change from time to time depending on Registar’s running promotions.

Also, a bulk transfer can also give you more discounts all you have to do is contact the Registrar support and ask for a promo code or to give you a discount on a bulk transfer.

Renew a Domain name or Transfer to another Registrar

If you’re happy with your current Domain name, well you can just set the Domain name to Auto-renew and stick to that registrar.

But, if you want to save money on you’re renewals, especially if you have a huge portfolio of Domain names you might wanna consider switching to a Domain Registrar that can offer you a much lesser fee, in which if you noticed in our list it was

Keep in mind that the Transfer fee on all registrars includes an ICANN fee of USDo.18 in which is already included in the price on our above list.

Is it Possible to pay one time and own the Domain name Forever

The answer is YES, it is called FOREVER DOMAIN, The idea is to pay one time and you will own the Domain name forever, No more annual renewal, No more worries that your Domain name might expire if you forget to renew, With Forever Domain registration the Domain name is your’s as long as you live.

10 Reasons why you need to Switch to

I know you had your reasons why you love and keep using your current Domain registrar and I’m not against that. I myself also used multiple Registrar for years and, Until I discover

Since the day I registered my first Domain name through I was impressed with the services that they offer, and most of them are being given to me for free. So if your thinking of switching or wanna start using but still hesitate a bit here are some reasons, my own reason’s why you should start using

1.Reasonable Price

Registering a Domain name is very affordable compared to other Registrar out there, you can get a .com Domain name for as low as $7.99 and sometimes lesser.

Other TLDs might have a little bit higher registration fee, but with some extras included in the purchase, it’s all worth it. Free Privacy, Free Basic WordPress Blog and Free SSL certificate are just some of these extras.

2. Free Domain Appraisal is partnered with to provide the user with FREE Domain name appraisal, Which is automatically set on every Domain name your portfolio. is one of the trusted Appraisal services that most Professional Domain Investors used, but it’s a paid service, and is giving it for FREE.

3. Escrow Integration

Escrow is a company that provides financial arrangement between the Seller and the Buyer for a safer and secure transaction, Escrow holds the funds from the buyer and will only be released to the seller until both parties fulfilled their obligations and both parties are satisfied, And this service is available in Epik which also have a dedicated Cpanel.

4. Incomparable Customer Support

Epik is indeed Legendary when it comes to customer and technical support just like what they claimed, Epik has a staff from different part of the world which makes them available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. CEO and other top-ranking officers are also active on to share advice and give support.

5. User-Friendly Control Panel

Epik has a User-friendly Cpanel which will allow the user to manage Domain names at ease, Also having a variety of tools readily available on the Cpanel makes Epik outstanding.

Epik Cpanel also gives you the ability to monitor your entire Domain portfolio at once while changing from one environment to another.

6. Free Registration and Free Market Place Listing

Using is completely free you just need to sign up, And once you Register your first Domain name in Epik, That domain name will straight away have a “Contact Owner” Landing page.

You can also go to the Cpanel and manually list your Domain name in Epik Market place for free, which other Domain Registrar doesn’t have.

7. Forever Renewed Option

With Epik’s Forever Renewal Option or Resilient Domain you will be able to register a Domain name and pay one time and it’s yours forever, In that way, you will have no worries that your Domain name might expire if you forget to renew, but of course, it will cost more.

8.Multiple Payment Option

Epik so far is the only Domain Registrar who accepts multiple payments method, Epik accepts Paypal, Credit cards, Wire Transfer, Transferwise, Crypto and even Western Union.

9. Affiliate program

Epik has it’s own affiliate program which will able any User’s to earn an extra dollar if someone purchases a Domain name through there Affiliate link.

Epik affiliate program has its own Panel where you can monitor your Links and Banners performance, If you earn a commission, Epik will inform you through email straight away, And funds will be available to you in less than 24 hours.

10. Powerful Infrastructure uses and to give users maximum protection on there Domain names and Websites plus enhancing the websites loading speed for up to 10x.

Just like any other Registrar out there Epik also been involved in some issues in the past, some are true and some are not, some people out there also have a negative experience in Epik, But on what I noticed in the past months, A lot of people, Domain investors, and private sectors are switching to Epik, So I’d say Epik has already proven themselves and gain peoples trust.


Other than I still currently using other Registrar on my Domain names but I’m already slowly transitioning to Epik. Good day

The Number One Domain Registrar

Today there are more than a thousand ICANN accredited Domain Registrars that you can choose and all of them has there own features to standout from the rest. Godaddy, Epik, Dynadot, Network Solution, Uniregistry are some of the top Domain Registry that you can choose, but among these Domain Registrar one of them stands out and outperforms from the rest, and this Registrar is . is a Domain Registrar which is founded in 2009, You can call Epik as your one stop shop for everything related to Domain names.

From being a Domain registrar to being a Hosting provider, and even an APP developer and Logo Maker you name it they can provide it.

Epik also has there own Marketplace for Domain names where you can your sell, lease or rent your Domain names, No doubt Epik is the Domain Investors favorite Registrar and others are already switching.

Why Domain Investors Like

I think Domain Investors love because of there very affordable Domain Transfer Fee so whenever a Domain Investor has a Domain to be Renew they just choose to transfer the Domain name to that way they are paying less and still getting a one year Registration.

Also has partnered with a Company best known for there Domain Appraisal services to give users a FREE Domain Appraisal.

another reason why Domain Investors love is because from time to time they offer a low cost Domain name Registration which I think they called it as there ” Happy Hour “, This includes registering a .com Domain Name for $6.99 for a limited time and sometimes other extensions, so it’s best to regularly check there pricing.

A great way to be updated on promos is to join the “Domain Talk”, this is a group of Domain Investors on Telegram which they share almost everything related to Domain names. also has a very responsive customer support team that quickly responds to fix any issue, If you also happen to join in and Domain talk on Telegram Rob Monster the CEO of is also active on those platforms together with Gube.

Services Offers has tons of Services to offer and here are some of them

  • Domain Registration
  • Domain Back order
  • Domain Leasing
  • Domain Loans
  • Domain Appraisals
  • Escrow
  • Web Design
  • Web Hosting
  • Marketplace
  • LOGO Design

If your interested in to be your Domain Registrar just check there Website to see there full capability and you’ll never be disappointed since I myself is an user. Good Day

Domain Sale through Inbound versus Outbound

Selling your precious Domain name is of course every Domain Investors dream and there’s nothing can compare to the feeling when you open an email saying the “Congratulations your Domain has been Sold”, it almost complete our day.

But when the time that money get into your account and tell your fellow mates about the sale slowly something is building in almost everyone’s head, Regret.

This happen to a lot of Domain investors even myself, knowing at the end that you could have sold that Domain name a bit more than what you got, This usually happen because of our lack of knowledge and understanding and being Greedy to money.

Domain Investing is a Game of Patience, and Strategy plus the knowledge that you must compound every single day.

Understanding how Inbound and Outbound works will help you remove that regret every time you sold a Domain

What is Inbound in Domain Selling

Inbound or Inbound Sale is when someone contact you because they are interested in buying your Domain name and if everything goes well a sale is made.

If you don’t put a price tag on your Domain name and someone wants to buy it they will probably ask you “How Much” are you selling the Domain name, Then even if you give them a price it’s still highly likely that they will throw an offer, don’t get excited and start lowering your guard take note that it’s a Inbound, meaning they are fully interested in the Domain name so stick with your price, but don’t forget that you also need to be realistic and you yourself know your Domain name very well.

Remember that a .com Domain name is the most Valuable Domain name of all, end users can only go up to the very top which is the .com, that’s what we called Upgrading.

So as long as you hold a Valuable premium Domain name and someone want’s to acquire it, you should always be on top of the negotiation.

What is outbound Domain sale

An outbound sale is if you make an effort to contact people and businesses to offer your Domain name, Remember that this kind of selling lowers your negotiation power because you are the one who approach them first.

You can give them a price, or even if not and you got lucky to get a offer, expect it to be a low ball offer because this people will always think that you need to make a sale that is why you approach them.

People and Businesses who buy Domain names through outbound is more likely to not gonna used that Domain name immediately, they might just add it to there portfolio and be used in there next project.

Keep in mind that

  • Inbound can give you more on your sale
  • Gives you confident on your Domain name
  • Reduce that Regret
  • Give you more negotiation power
  • Expect Lower sale on outbound
  • You need to make more effort to sale on outbound


I know that both Inbound and outbound can also get High and Low ball offers, for some of you I might be wrong but this is my own way of differentiating Inbound and Outbound.

Take Control of Your Domain Names

Domain Industry 2020 Prediction

A lot of Domain Investors already shared there Predictions of what will happen to the Domain industry this 2020 so we decided to make our own prediction.

It’s already mid January and nothing big is happening yet, except for that one that Johan aka. Dosebuy announce on that he brokered his first 6 figure sale, well it’s not confirm yet if it went through so well wait for that.

So without further introduction here is our 2020 Prediction in the Domain Industry

  • Tech related Domains will spike in popularity

Artificial Intillegence (Ai), Virual Reality (Vr) and Augmented Reality (Ar) is a hot trend and it’s obvious that the only way it’s going is UP.

Cloud platform, Cyber security and Decentralization will still be hot.

Also the rise of DARQ will boost the tech industry this 2020

DARQ stands for Distributed LedgerTechnology (DLT) Artificial Intelligence (Ai) Extended Reality(XR) Quantum Computing.

  • More 6 figure sale on a .com

More companies will decide to re-brand on a .com this year as they become aware of it’s benefits thank’s to Domain Investors that actively spreading the news

  • A big spike for .co .io .gg and .cx

More and more Start up’s will be emerging this year and we all know that .co and .io are the once look after if they want the Premium name but can’t afford the .com.

The gaming industry already spike in popularity last 2019 and will still continue to rise while the .cx will increase in sales as more people being aware of it’s use.

  • The number of Domain Investors will also spike

last 2019 alone thousands of new Domain investors from different part of the world made there way to the Domain Industry, Most of these new Domainers came from India and China.

  • More News from ICANN

Because more people are getting into Domain Investing and a huge number of new Domainers try to SPAM people and businesses and ICANN is aware of it so they might implement new rules when it comes to owning a Domain name.

  • Another Domain Meet-Up

Rick Schwartz aka Domain King hosted the first Domain Investors Meet Up held in Ashevile United States last August 2019 and we will be expecting another meet up this year. Whether it’s hosted by Rick again or not we are very positive for this to happen .

Here’s what’s not gonna change in the Domain Industry this 2020

  • Almost all,,,, and will still have a 7 figure price tag
  • Other Gtld’s will still got 5 figure sales
  • ccTld’s will still got sales
  • Domain Investors will still register Crappy names

Good day

What is .Money Domain Extension

The .Money Domain extension is a Generic Top Level Domain suitable for businesses that caters financial related services.

.Money Domain extension can be registered in every Domain registrar out there starting from $5.95 on it’s first year on for up to $34.94 on, keep in mind that the first year registration of almost every Domain extensions is always cheaper on the first year because Registrar’s always run promos or discount’s on first year registration, so the pricing always changes from time to time.

The first year registration of .Money Domain extension written here for and might already change from the time you are reading this article so it’s best to always run a check on all Registrar of there current pricing otherwise you might end up paying more not knowing it’s much cheaper somewhere else.

The highest Recorded .Money Domain Sale

The highest recorded sale of .Money Domain extension is Open.Money which happen last December 2019 via BIN on for a whopping $25,000 with a 7 months holding time.

This kind of sale is the one that always shakes the Domain industry especially for those who own’s a bunch of Generic TLDs, this serves as an inspiration that fuel’s new Domain Investors.

If your interested and want to participate on the discussion regarding this sale you can check the seller’s post on

Good day

Domain Name Refund

Buying Domain names is not always successful especially if it involves Impulse buying or if your lack of knowledge and realize that you just bough a crappy Domain name and most like you want to make a refund to avoid loosing money, but is it possible

Some Domain Registry allow Refunds but on a certain terms, will allow you to refund a Domain name as long as it’s not more than 24 hrs, On there Website Hosting, you can make a refund within 30 Days for a 1 year Plan and 24 hours for a monthly Plan.

All Domain registrar has a customer support just reach out to them and if you have a very good reason and within a time frame you will definitely get a refund, but again not all Domain registrar allow it.


Some Domain Registrar doesn’t give refund but they do have a Domain Tasting in place, Domain tasting allows you to buy domain names and will still be able to delete it if you change your mind and don’t want the Domain name and you will be credited back. and is two Domain Registar who offers Domain tasting, just keep in mind that if you delete your Domain it will charge you around $1.

Is it Possible to Refund Domain names Win on Auction

No, it is not possible to get a refund on those Domain names that you might win on an Auction because being and participating an Auction means you fully understand and your willing to spend money just to win that name, Also on most Domain Auction the details and Data of that Domain name is available for the Bidders

Putting a Bid simple means you want the Domain name and know exactly what you are doing, so if you win you own it and there’s no Refund.

Good Day

What is .CX Domain Extension

The Domain extension ( dot )cx is the Country Code Top Level Domain of Christmas Island which is introduce in 1997 and being handle by Christmas Island Domain Administration Limited (cxDA).

As of January 18. 2020 there are 2,208 active websites using the .cx Extension and number keeps on going up thanks to people who actively promote and give exposure to this ccTld.

Other Meaning of CX

CX is not just the ccTld of Christmas Island, CX is also widely known as the abbreviation of Customer Experience and Cryptocurrency so no wonder it’s gaining traction.

Customer Experience and Cryptocurrency is currently a hot trend and a lot of Start up’s want to get in and eventually want to build there own brand including owning a Premium Domain name in which the .CX can help them own it as the percentage of it being available is very high.

Best Place to Buy .CX

There are only two Domain Registrar which we highly recommend you to Buy your .CX Domains is a Domain Registry own’s buy Rob Monster offers .CX Domains at $35.02 which is a little bit higher compare to our second recommendation but the main reason why we recommend this because of there great support and also from time to time gives a happy hour which means putting the registration on sale on a limited time. is another Domain Registry which offer .CX at $19.99 which is the cheapest comp[are to all other Registrar out there and also provide an awesome tech support.

The King of .CX

This tittle is just made up, you can say because anyone who know’s a lot and own’s a lot of .CX Domain names can be the .CX king and we don’t know all of them except for one, Johan also known as @Dosebuy on tweeter is one of those who actively give exposure to .CX Domain extension, Johan is also a Domain Broker and just Recently Brooked his first 6 figure sale.


We believe that .CX will continue to climb and become more popular in the coming years as many people starting to recognize it, while a lot of names is still available to register it’s wise to secure your’s if your building or have a plan to build a business.

Hopefully this article help, if there’s anything else you want to add please consider writing it on the comment. Good Day

Is it Possible to apply for a Domain Loan and where

There is no much who offer, but yes there is and it is possible Some Doman Registrar’s offer’s a loan and have your Domain as collateral, But usually, the loan amount will be credited to your account in their platform and must also be spent on the platform fro buying Domain names and other services.

Having a Domain name on a Registrar is a good thing especially if you have a Domain name that you want to register or buy but you run out of budget. is a Registrar famous in giving this kind of service, You can apply for a Domain loan on their platform and choose a payment term, But the loan amount will be decided by them, but that’s not a big deal if you have a Premium Domain and if not you might need to use more than one Domain name as your collateral to get your desired loan.

I haven’t tried but I’m sure there are banks who can approve a personal loan and use a Domain name as a Collateral, but again it should be a Premium Domain name.

A Domain name is an Asset especially if you know what to do with it, Sell it, Flip it, Rent it, or Develop there is always a high chance of making a profit from your Domain names.