10 Reasons why you need to Switch to Epik.com

I know you had your reasons why you love and keep using your current Domain registrar and I’m not against that. I myself also used multiple Registrar for years and, Until I discover Epik.com.

Since the day I registered my first Domain name through Epik.com I was impressed with the services that they offer, and most of them are being given to me for free. So if your thinking of switching or wanna start using Epik.com but still hesitate a bit here are some reasons, my own reason’s why you should start using Epik.com

1.Reasonable Price

Registering a Domain name is very affordable compared to other Registrar out there, you can get a .com Domain name for as low as $7.99 and sometimes lesser.

Other TLDs might have a little bit higher registration fee, but with some extras included in the purchase, it’s all worth it. Free Privacy, Free Basic WordPress Blog and Free SSL certificate are just some of these extras.

2. Free Domain Appraisal

Epik.com is partnered with Estibot.com to provide the user with FREE Domain name appraisal, Which is automatically set on every Domain name your Epik.com portfolio.

Estibot.com is one of the trusted Appraisal services that most Professional Domain Investors used, but it’s a paid service, and Epik.com is giving it for FREE.

3. Escrow Integration

Escrow is a company that provides financial arrangement between the Seller and the Buyer for a safer and secure transaction, Escrow holds the funds from the buyer and will only be released to the seller until both parties fulfilled their obligations and both parties are satisfied, And this service is available in Epik which also have a dedicated Cpanel.

4. Incomparable Customer Support

Epik is indeed Legendary when it comes to customer and technical support just like what they claimed, Epik has a staff from different part of the world which makes them available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Epik.com CEO and other top-ranking officers are also active on Namepros.com to share advice and give support.

5. User-Friendly Control Panel

Epik has a User-friendly Cpanel which will allow the user to manage Domain names at ease, Also having a variety of tools readily available on the Cpanel makes Epik outstanding.

Epik Cpanel also gives you the ability to monitor your entire Domain portfolio at once while changing from one environment to another.

6. Free Registration and Free Market Place Listing

Using Epik.com is completely free you just need to sign up, And once you Register your first Domain name in Epik, That domain name will straight away have a “Contact Owner” Landing page.

You can also go to the Cpanel and manually list your Domain name in Epik Market place for free, which other Domain Registrar doesn’t have.

7. Forever Renewed Option

With Epik’s Forever Renewal Option or Resilient Domain you will be able to register a Domain name and pay one time and it’s yours forever, In that way, you will have no worries that your Domain name might expire if you forget to renew, but of course, it will cost more.

8.Multiple Payment Option

Epik so far is the only Domain Registrar who accepts multiple payments method, Epik accepts Paypal, Credit cards, Wire Transfer, Transferwise, Crypto and even Western Union.

9. Affiliate program

Epik has it’s own affiliate program which will able any User’s to earn an extra dollar if someone purchases a Domain name through there Affiliate link.

Epik affiliate program has its own Panel where you can monitor your Links and Banners performance, If you earn a commission, Epik will inform you through email straight away, And funds will be available to you in less than 24 hours.

10. Powerful Infrastructure

Epik.com uses Bitmitigate.com and Anonymize.com to give users maximum protection on there Domain names and Websites plus enhancing the websites loading speed for up to 10x.

Just like any other Registrar out there Epik also been involved in some issues in the past, some are true and some are not, some people out there also have a negative experience in Epik, But on what I noticed in the past months, A lot of people, Domain investors, and private sectors are switching to Epik, So I’d say Epik has already proven themselves and gain peoples trust.


Other than Epik.com I still currently using other Registrar on my Domain names but I’m already slowly transitioning to Epik. Good day

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