How much to Transfer a Domain name

So you want to transfer your Domain name, Probably because you like you the service of that other registrar compare to what you currently using, or it’s your renewal period and you realize that if you transfer a Domain name it will actually save you money especially if you have a lot of Domain names to be renewed.

Whatever your reasons for transferring that Domain name let me give you an idea of how much will it cost you to transfer a Domain name, here are some price comparisons from the top 5 most commonly used Domain registrar.

  • .com USD10.88
  • .net USD12.99
  • .org USD14.88

  • .com USD8.99
  • .net 10.99
  • .org 10.99

  • .com USD8.58
  • .net 10.88
  • .org 11.48

  • .com USD8.17
  • .net USD11.17
  • .org USD12.17

  • .com USD6.99
  • .net USD9.54
  • .org USD9.99

All of these prices can change from time to time depending on Registar’s running promotions.

Also, a bulk transfer can also give you more discounts all you have to do is contact the Registrar support and ask for a promo code or to give you a discount on a bulk transfer.

Renew a Domain name or Transfer to another Registrar

If you’re happy with your current Domain name, well you can just set the Domain name to Auto-renew and stick to that registrar.

But, if you want to save money on you’re renewals, especially if you have a huge portfolio of Domain names you might wanna consider switching to a Domain Registrar that can offer you a much lesser fee, in which if you noticed in our list it was

Keep in mind that the Transfer fee on all registrars includes an ICANN fee of USDo.18 in which is already included in the price on our above list.

Is it Possible to pay one time and own the Domain name Forever

The answer is YES, it is called FOREVER DOMAIN, The idea is to pay one time and you will own the Domain name forever, No more annual renewal, No more worries that your Domain name might expire if you forget to renew, With Forever Domain registration the Domain name is your’s as long as you live.

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