Does Outbound Marketing still Effective

It’s 2021 and still, people keep on asking if Outbound Marketing is still Effective. I’d say YES, Although the reality is It’s not easy.

Outbound Marketing can be learned by anyone you just have to know how to properly do it. Don’t worry if you feel that you’re not getting any results at the beginning, It’s part of the learning process. Remember this, All those Marketing experts out there they spend years trying to solve the puzzle. and they did it. So why wouldn’t you?

Today learning the art of Marketing, Especially Outbound Marketing is as easy as Pancakes, Just like everyone is saying. Why, Because you’ve got a bunch of tools out there that you can use, and it’s free.

Youtube, Google and Tweeter were some of the Platforms where you can learn Outbound Marketing straight from other people who share their experience. Ebooks and Podcast are also essentially free resources out there.

About a few months ago a Domain Consultant name Yogi Solanki Published an E-book titled Domain Outbound Marketing which you can find at This Ebook is packed with information on how to do Outbound Marketing the proper way. From sending your first Email, Engaging with your prospected buyer and doing follow up’s, It’s all in this Ebook.

This Ebook is more focus on selling Domain names but it is also highly applicable to almost all industry, You’ll just have to apply it to whatever you’re selling.

I purchase this E-book and was surprised on the amount this Value it provides, Straightaway after reading I implement it on some of my emails. It worked I got a couple of response and made a sale

But, as you know I’m not a fulltime Marketer and I’m a Procrastinator or let’s just say I’m a bit lazy so I only send emails when I want too. I highly suggest using the Email samples on this E-book as your Template, It’s very useful.


Outbound Marketing is still an effective and useful way for any business to succeed. It will not disappear and it will stay

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