What is .CX Domain Extension

The Domain extension ( dot )cx is the Country Code Top Level Domain of Christmas Island which is introduce in 1997 and being handle by Christmas Island Domain Administration Limited (cxDA).

As of January 18. 2020 there are 2,208 active websites using the .cx Extension and number keeps on going up thanks to people who actively promote and give exposure to this ccTld.

Other Meaning of CX

CX is not just the ccTld of Christmas Island, CX is also widely known as the abbreviation of Customer Experience and Cryptocurrency so no wonder it’s gaining traction.

Customer Experience and Cryptocurrency is currently a hot trend and a lot of Start up’s want to get in and eventually want to build there own brand including owning a Premium Domain name in which the .CX can help them own it as the percentage of it being available is very high.

Best Place to Buy .CX

There are only two Domain Registrar which we highly recommend you to Buy your .CX Domains

Epik.com is a Domain Registry own’s buy Rob Monster offers .CX Domains at $35.02 which is a little bit higher compare to our second recommendation but the main reason why we recommend this because of there great support and also from time to time Epik.com gives a happy hour which means putting the registration on sale on a limited time.

Dynadot.com is another Domain Registry which offer .CX at $19.99 which is the cheapest comp[are to all other Registrar out there and also provide an awesome tech support.

The King of .CX

This tittle is just made up, you can say because anyone who know’s a lot and own’s a lot of .CX Domain names can be the .CX king and we don’t know all of them except for one, Johan also known as @Dosebuy on tweeter is one of those who actively give exposure to .CX Domain extension, Johan is also a Domain Broker and just Recently Brooked his first 6 figure sale.


We believe that .CX will continue to climb and become more popular in the coming years as many people starting to recognize it, while a lot of names is still available to register it’s wise to secure your’s if your building or have a plan to build a business.

Hopefully this article help, if there’s anything else you want to add please consider writing it on the comment. Good Day

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