Domain Name Refund

Buying Domain names is not always successful especially if it involves Impulse buying or if your lack of knowledge and realize that you just bough a crappy Domain name and most like you want to make a refund to avoid loosing money, but is it possible

Some Domain Registry allow Refunds but on a certain terms, will allow you to refund a Domain name as long as it’s not more than 24 hrs, On there Website Hosting, you can make a refund within 30 Days for a 1 year Plan and 24 hours for a monthly Plan.

All Domain registrar has a customer support just reach out to them and if you have a very good reason and within a time frame you will definitely get a refund, but again not all Domain registrar allow it.


Some Domain Registrar doesn’t give refund but they do have a Domain Tasting in place, Domain tasting allows you to buy domain names and will still be able to delete it if you change your mind and don’t want the Domain name and you will be credited back. and is two Domain Registar who offers Domain tasting, just keep in mind that if you delete your Domain it will charge you around $1.

Is it Possible to Refund Domain names Win on Auction

No, it is not possible to get a refund on those Domain names that you might win on an Auction because being and participating an Auction means you fully understand and your willing to spend money just to win that name, Also on most Domain Auction the details and Data of that Domain name is available for the Bidders

Putting a Bid simple means you want the Domain name and know exactly what you are doing, so if you win you own it and there’s no Refund.

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