What is .Money Domain Extension

The .Money Domain extension is a Generic Top Level Domain suitable for businesses that caters financial related services.

.Money Domain extension can be registered in every Domain registrar out there starting from $5.95 on it’s first year on Dynadot.com for up to $34.94 on Epik.com, keep in mind that the first year registration of almost every Domain extensions is always cheaper on the first year because Registrar’s always run promos or discount’s on first year registration, so the pricing always changes from time to time.

The first year registration of .Money Domain extension written here for Dynadot.com and Epik.com might already change from the time you are reading this article so it’s best to always run a check on all Registrar of there current pricing otherwise you might end up paying more not knowing it’s much cheaper somewhere else.

The highest Recorded .Money Domain Sale

The highest recorded sale of .Money Domain extension is Open.Money which happen last December 2019 via BIN on Uniregistry.com for a whopping $25,000 with a 7 months holding time.

This kind of sale is the one that always shakes the Domain industry especially for those who own’s a bunch of Generic TLDs, this serves as an inspiration that fuel’s new Domain Investors.

If your interested and want to participate on the discussion regarding this sale you can check the seller’s post on Namepros.com.

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