Domain Industry 2020 Prediction

A lot of Domain Investors already shared there Predictions of what will happen to the Domain industry this 2020 so we decided to make our own prediction.

It’s already mid January and nothing big is happening yet, except for that one that Johan aka. Dosebuy announce on that he brokered his first 6 figure sale, well it’s not confirm yet if it went through so well wait for that.

So without further introduction here is our 2020 Prediction in the Domain Industry

  • Tech related Domains will spike in popularity

Artificial Intillegence (Ai), Virual Reality (Vr) and Augmented Reality (Ar) is a hot trend and it’s obvious that the only way it’s going is UP.

Cloud platform, Cyber security and Decentralization will still be hot.

Also the rise of DARQ will boost the tech industry this 2020

DARQ stands for Distributed LedgerTechnology (DLT) Artificial Intelligence (Ai) Extended Reality(XR) Quantum Computing.

  • More 6 figure sale on a .com

More companies will decide to re-brand on a .com this year as they become aware of it’s benefits thank’s to Domain Investors that actively spreading the news

  • A big spike for .co .io .gg and .cx

More and more Start up’s will be emerging this year and we all know that .co and .io are the once look after if they want the Premium name but can’t afford the .com.

The gaming industry already spike in popularity last 2019 and will still continue to rise while the .cx will increase in sales as more people being aware of it’s use.

  • The number of Domain Investors will also spike

last 2019 alone thousands of new Domain investors from different part of the world made there way to the Domain Industry, Most of these new Domainers came from India and China.

  • More News from ICANN

Because more people are getting into Domain Investing and a huge number of new Domainers try to SPAM people and businesses and ICANN is aware of it so they might implement new rules when it comes to owning a Domain name.

  • Another Domain Meet-Up

Rick Schwartz aka Domain King hosted the first Domain Investors Meet Up held in Ashevile United States last August 2019 and we will be expecting another meet up this year. Whether it’s hosted by Rick again or not we are very positive for this to happen .

Here’s what’s not gonna change in the Domain Industry this 2020

  • Almost all,,,, and will still have a 7 figure price tag
  • Other Gtld’s will still got 5 figure sales
  • ccTld’s will still got sales
  • Domain Investors will still register Crappy names

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