Does Domain Investing still Profitable for a Beginner

Of course, it is, But nowaday’s it’s really not that easy to make money in Domain Investing, You need to learn and have the knowledge on how to flip and sell a Domain name.

Also, keep in mind that Domaining is not easy like what other people said.

10 years ago the Domain name industry is not that crowded that you can easily find unregistered Premium Domain names, But as of 2019, there are already 100 thousand estimated number of Domain investors around the world so getting into this industry will be a challenge fo you. But that doesn’t mean it’s too late, A lot of new Domain Investors still make good ROI in Domaining.

How to start Domaining

Before you buy your first Domain name you need to read this first, Don’t just buy random names that sound good and catchy otherwise you’ll end up buying what the Rick Schwartz aka the Domain king called ” Pigeon Shit “.

The first thing you want to do is make research, study what Domaining is and the best way to do this is to watch youtube videos, not just any random videos but DNAcademy videos, Michael Cyger will help you learn the basics you need to know.

You can enroll in the DNAcademy investors course if you like but for me watching there youtube content is enough.

Next is you need to know where and how to buy affordable Domain names that you can sell or flip.

Registrar’s like and Dynadot are so far the best place where you can register Names at a very affordable price. is a website where you can find a daily list of expired Domain names that you can register and flip.

You might also want to join in Domain name forums to be able to get hints and valuable information about Domaining, I highly suggest, joining is FREE but you can upgrade in the future if you want to list your Domain names on their platform.

Buying your first Domain Name

Now you’re ready to buy your first Domain name or you probably have a list of Domain names that you want to register.

The best tip in buying Domain for you as a beginner is to start buying pronounceable English Names and as short as possible, keep in mind that there 6 types of Domain names if you did watch that video from DNAcademy.

The shorter the Domain name the better if the one word is not available then try combining two different words but still keep it short.

Also as a starter focus on registering .com Domain names first, and don’t forget that you can always check in Expired Domains in

Always remember to only buy Names that have a high potential, and someone will need that name.

Once you get familiar with the In’s and out’s of Domaining and feel confident that you have the necessary knowledge to buy more Domains then start buying other TLDs or even ccTLD, just keep in mind it shouldn’t be a shitty and zero value names.

Selling Domain Name

Here goes the hard part, Selling your Domains, since your a bit late in the Domaining world and if you’re not ready to spend a huge amount of money to get a premium .com Domain names and resell it or flip, you will definitely stick to hand registering Domain names or participate in Domain Auction sites to get yourself some nice Domain names.

Here are few ways on how you can sell your Domain names

Marketplace Listing

Once your Domain names are on this Marketplace all you have to do is wait until someone bought it. Domainers had a term for this ” List and Forget ”


  • Outbound is simply actively contacting potential buyers or end-users of you’re Domain names

Join Forums

  • Online Forums is a great way to learn more about Domaining and at the same time sell your Domain names, Namepros is one forum that will let you list your Domain names and be visible to other Domain Investors, which in turn give you exposure on your Domains and potentially sell it.

Disclaimer: everything I have written here is based on my own knowledge, to some, it may sound boring but to someone who wants to start a Domaining career this might help you