The Number One Domain Registrar

Today there are more than a thousand ICANN accredited Domain Registrars that you can choose and all of them has there own features to standout from the rest. Godaddy, Epik, Dynadot, Network Solution, Uniregistry are some of the top Domain Registry that you can choose, but among these Domain Registrar one of them stands out and outperforms from the rest, and this Registrar is . is a Domain Registrar which is founded in 2009, You can call Epik as your one stop shop for everything related to Domain names.

From being a Domain registrar to being a Hosting provider, and even an APP developer and Logo Maker you name it they can provide it.

Epik also has there own Marketplace for Domain names where you can your sell, lease or rent your Domain names, No doubt Epik is the Domain Investors favorite Registrar and others are already switching.

Why Domain Investors Like

I think Domain Investors love because of there very affordable Domain Transfer Fee so whenever a Domain Investor has a Domain to be Renew they just choose to transfer the Domain name to that way they are paying less and still getting a one year Registration.

Also has partnered with a Company best known for there Domain Appraisal services to give users a FREE Domain Appraisal.

another reason why Domain Investors love is because from time to time they offer a low cost Domain name Registration which I think they called it as there ” Happy Hour “, This includes registering a .com Domain Name for $6.99 for a limited time and sometimes other extensions, so it’s best to regularly check there pricing.

A great way to be updated on promos is to join the “Domain Talk”, this is a group of Domain Investors on Telegram which they share almost everything related to Domain names. also has a very responsive customer support team that quickly responds to fix any issue, If you also happen to join in and Domain talk on Telegram Rob Monster the CEO of is also active on those platforms together with Gube.

Services Offers has tons of Services to offer and here are some of them

  • Domain Registration
  • Domain Back order
  • Domain Leasing
  • Domain Loans
  • Domain Appraisals
  • Escrow
  • Web Design
  • Web Hosting
  • Marketplace
  • LOGO Design

If your interested in to be your Domain Registrar just check there Website to see there full capability and you’ll never be disappointed since I myself is an user. Good Day